The Promotional World of Signages in Dubai – Some Things Never Get Old

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We live in a time where everything we do needs to be noticed. If the things we do aren’t recognized, then what’s the point of their existence, right? 

Recognition is key!

Marketing is the one true practice that makes your products and services noticeable to the world in the business industry. Without good marketing and promotion, you’re just a falling tree in the forest with no one there to see. A successful business needs to be heard. You can’t consider yourself operating the right way if nobody has ever heard of you.

Make Your Voice Heard

There are many techniques and methods in marketing and advertising that firms use to shed light on their products and what they have to offer, whether it’s online Google ads, telemarketing, or even the revolutionary “word of mouth” practice.

Signage, on the other hand, has been proven to be effective in many cases. Keep reading to find out more on the whats, hows, and wheres of promotional signage.

The Whats

Whether you’re spending time at your favorite café, drinking at that bar around the corner, or grabbing a bite from your local burger joint, knowing where to get that drink or meal is influenced by signs and directions. How did you know that this place, in particular, serves burgers, or that location serves good coffee? You’re not psychic, that’s for sure. It’s because of the signs put up outside of these venues that indicate what’s inside.

Signages are used to communicate a certain message to promote a business. The use of this method has been in practice since the year 1975. Advertisers used banners, billboards, street signs, lawn signs, and many other ways to communicate a message to their targeted audience. And with time, these signs are embedded in our brains and become very common.

Now, when you see a fork, spoon, and plate sign, you instantly know that this place is a restaurant. The same impression happens when you see a red and white poll that resembles a barbershop. The constant use of these standardized symbols and designs has revolutionized the art of marketing and advertising.

The Hows

It’s been proven that complex signage, which contains more than 20 words with over-the-top designs, has low customer engagement. Most consumers don’t even bother to read a sign that has a lot of wordings. It’s just not worth their time, to be honest. This is the main reason why you should keep your promotional signs simple and easy to read.

Keep a low word count and use simple colors that suit the environment of where the sign is situated. With that, you will have people easily reading your message and comprehending the offer you are providing.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the size and positioning of your signs. If you want to achieve effective marketing signage, you should choose the right size for your sign and where to put it. A study shows that cereal is placed on the bottom shelf because it attracts the attention of young kids, considering their height. At the same time, other grocery items like baking powder and beans are placed a bit higher to attract the attention of adults. Placing signs in the right place will attract your targeted audience.

That’s why you can’t have a drive-through McDonalds offer placed in a grocery store. It’s best to have that kind of promotion on large street billboards.

The Wheres

Here are a few examples of some outstanding and iconic signage that might be inspirational for you.

• Microsoft

maxart - signages article - Microsoft_Suzhou_Location

Truly memorable and iconic signage that shows how simplicity is more effective than complex designs.

• Milkbar

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Another simple design remains intact in our brains. It’s effortless, very sleek, and expresses more than it shows.

• Mercedes-Benz

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This design right here is what put the cherry on top. Very innovative and remarkably creative that tells the story behind this company’s intentions.

There’s no doubt with the rapid change in business methods and marketing techniques, more innovative ideas and practices for promotion will emerge. And the way we see it, the sky is the limit for creative marketing and advertising. So, how about you let maxart take care of your branding and promoting as our marketing and advertising services are what creativity is all about.


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