Unique Web Design Trends in 2021

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Technology is changing rapidly, and web design trends are no different from it. The design elements and website feature formerly modern and innovative may be dull and clichéd in the last years. When people access your site, the last thing you want is a conversion loss because your website looks out of date or ignores the important web standards. maxart compiled the coolest web design trend in 2021 that you need to know!

Fortunately, our web design team keeps pace with the latest website design and development trends to create highly functional and easy-to-use websites that work well and look great at the same time. We want to share some of the latest additions, digital technology trends, benchmarks, and outlooks for 2021.

7 Web Design Trends for 2021

Check out the following web design trends to make a website truly stand out:

  • Dark Mode

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Dark mode has been around for a while, and the predictions are that it will still be present and hitting more screens in 2021. It serves a couple of different functions, in practical terms; it helps reduce eye fatigue, which is a concern for many because we spend more and more time looking at screens.

Aesthetically speaking, dark mode easily creates a very modern look for your website while giving you the ability to highlight other design elements just by darkening the elements around it.

  • Negative Space

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Negative space is a major UX design trend that has grown from market demand for a simple UI. Simply put, negative space is the blank spaces in page layouts either around objects (macro space) or inside (small space). It has actually become a separate design element that plays a vital role in visual aesthetics and increasing user experience. The Google homepage, the official Apple Store, and some websites designed in Web flow are great examples.

Having negative space will become more prevalent in web design trends in 2021 and beyond. Gone are the days when you see websites cramming information into one page. A simple approach to design trends is about using negative space to make it easier for users to navigate the page and find the information they need. Negative space is also sometimes referred to as blank space or white space.

  • Asymmetric Layout

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For many years, most websites are built on a grid because it organizes the structure and focuses on key elements.

Why limit your design? Asymmetric layouts are the perfect opportunity for brands to ignore traditions and explore unique, exciting designs.

  • Background Video

Videos are spread almost everywhere in website design. If you have promotional videos or interviews to add to your site, it’s a great way to engage your audience by communicating important information with more energy.

In recent years, videos have played a new role in web design – moving away from being purely informational and turning into design elements in their own right.

Thanks to the continuous development of new technologies, videos can be incorporated into your website design in new and exciting ways. Tools like Video Box allow you to add layers and choose how your videos will play – for example, play automatically, in a loop, or in slow motion. One of Video Box’s most exclusive features is the revolutionary Video Mask, enabling you to crop videos into unique shapes and designs. This can be used to add floating elements to your website, which creates motion and excitement.

  • Bold Fonts, Big Headlines

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Well, we know bold lines are nothing new. However, in 2020, this trend made a statement. Everyone is competing to get the user’s attention faster and better. Bold headlines can be a great solution.

Big headlines and outlines aren’t innovations, but they recently started to dominate websites again. Why? Because it is effective and attracts visitors’ attention. The use of bolded characters adds focus to bold and eye-catching messages and prompts users to take action.

Visitors tend to read the headlines first. This is why it plays a big part in making a good impression. Using different section lines and headings creates a visual hierarchy, ensures readability, and serves as guidelines when you have a lot of information displayed.

  • 3D Visuals

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3D elements have dazzled users and designers alike for several years now. The reason they don’t exist that much is the expensive technology behind them. However, with virtual reality technology gaining momentum now, our predictions indicate that the 3D trend will peak in the upcoming months.

3D elements and visuals broaden the boundaries between encouraging and virtual and real users to spend more time on a specific page. Precise animations are a great alternative to videos. It is another hot trend in 2021 for UI/UX design. It is also much lighter on your website compared to videos.

  • Cartoon Illustrations

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Spice up your story with visuals that fully support your brand identity and feel like something fresh to website visitors. Sure, you can use some pre-made elements and combine them to create a unique visual. Alternatively, add some emotion and humanity to your web design with hand-drawn elements. Yes, they will be imperfect, but that is the point!

Animated illustrations are amazingly flexible and can be used to focus on the site and form a natural link with the viewers.

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