Top Payment Gateways and Why They are Popular


Managing your finances isn’t always easy. Some people try to limit their money capacity by carrying small amounts of cash in their wallets, preventing them from buying high-priced items. Others have trust issues with online payments and prefer retail stores and hardware stores to avoid fraud and identity theft. Even if these examples are convincing,eCommerce website development has developed a lot over the years. Therefore, thanks to payment gateways, purchasing items have become more accessible and more secure.

What and Why?

Payment Gateways are the technology that helps transfer funds and payments quickly from one person’s account to another. Many businesses use this type of payment, whether it’s online or at a retail store with your card. These payment gateways are so popular because they offer both ease and high-end security when purchasing. They also save a lot of time and make your wallet lighter since you don’t have to carry actual cash with you all the time.Most people have also made freelance work easier since most websites rely on this payment method.

Top Payment Gateways

Even if you’re not looking to add a payment gateway option to your eCommerce website development in Dubai, you’re still going to use it when purchasing online. Furthermore, since they’ve become so popular, more companies have developed their payment gateway, making it hard for someone to decide which to pick. That’s why we have listed the top ones here in this article:


It’s one of the most recognized and used platforms by different people worldwide. It was established in 1999 as a digital wallet and progressed to become a leading payment gateway after eBay acquired it in 2002.It also offers excellent payment options for you to pay for things online and receive payments. It also accepts several currencies, which makes it favored globally.


Another great payment gateway that adds value to users and eCommerce website development in Dubai. It offers multiple features from paying to receiving and managing your finances. It also provides a custom UI toolkit for financial reporting, and PayPal accepts multi-currency payouts.It might not be more popular than Paypal, but it’s a very underrated platform if you ask me. If you’re looking for something that can help you manage your finances, then you should stick with Stripe.


For those who are more concerned about your bank transactions and electronic check, you should consider as your payment gateway. This fantastic platform has a merchant base of over 370,000 and a highly secure money transfer system. It accepts and processes e-checks quickly and thoroughly analyses other payments from other bank accounts.So, you’re not just getting any payment gateway; you’re getting a secure way of payment. It relies on mail/phone payment confirmation while syncing for short books.

Make Your Website User Friendly

If you’re planning on an eCommerce website development in Dubai, then you should consider adding a professional payment gateway to your business. This way, you’ll attract more clients and increase your conversions. To do so, you can rely on Maxart to manage all your website needs with just a few clicks.Keep it professional and Digital with Maxart.

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