5 Great Ideas to Design your Living Room


When it comes to finding comfort and looking luxurious, it all depends on what you desire or makes you feel happy. That’s the main point that makes interior design Dubai a must. You see, it can turn any place into a rich-looking one within a glance and a few steps. Depending on what provides you comfort combined with the luxurious style you crave, you can turn your office, home, or any other property into a beautiful and delightful place.Each place has its own rules and steps in the process of designing. For example, your living room! You might be surprised by how fast and remarkable you can turn that room into a better-looking one with a few simple steps. Starting with the cabinets, TV table, Chairs, and the floor, ceiling, and walls.

How Can You Enhance Your Living Room?

Most people consider their living rooms as the most significant room in the house that must look amazing. As it’s the place we spend most of our time in and where we welcome or entertain our guests. The kinds of activities we do make it a necessary thing to make it comfortable yet classic. The art of interior design was first made to be enjoyable, keep us comfortable, and present us in the most astonishing picture possible. That’s why we need to use it correctly.Don’t overthink it. Put a list of your preferred furniture pieces or pictures of your favorite designs, start mixing them up, reduce some elements and add some others. Keep doing that till you find the perfect design. I mean, what’s the worst thing that can happen? You can always ask for help from an interior designer and pull it back together. 

1. Don’t throw everything you have in that room!

With today’s trends, and the interior design world improving every day, simplicity should be your goal. Whether you have a small or big house, there’s always a way to keep your living room simple yet comfortable. I mean, imagine having a guest coming by, and you try talking to them. But wait, there are too many things in that room that would catch their attention more than your conversation. It wouldn’t feel good, would it?At the same time, the surfaces that have many things on them are the ones that catch more dust, which means you’ll need to be cleaning the house all the time. Simplicity is all about bringing the best features of that room without filling it with all of your furniture.

2. How warm is the fire-warm?

Another great tip that most people like in interior design is adding a fire screen in the living room. It carries a warm feeling that can help you stay relaxed and cozy. Adding a unique-looking fire screen in the middle of the TV or heating place cabinet would be a lovable way to make your living room look great and feel even better.There are several types of fire screens that you can use depending on what your furniture looks like, the size of the room, and the shades you like most. For example, if you have beige shaded furniture with a brown wooden table, try out a dark brown or yellow fire screen. It would look stunning.

3. Sofas Aren’t For Sleeping!

How many times did you hear that sentence in your life? We all did! As we were taught that only bedrooms are for sleep, today’s trends almost tell us to forget about that. If your living room is big enough for this, then you need to try it out. Find yourself an exceptional chaise lounge, mix it with a sectional one and a singular chair sofa. With This design, you can enjoy the art of interior design to the fullest.Make sure the colors go along with each other and put a low table in the middle, and you’ll be having the “Monica & Rachel’s” living room, well, in a modern way. Large sofas that almost feel like asking you to take a nap are the newest trend. They are comfortable and look great at the same time.

4. Pillows are Fun!

Even if you have the simplest-looking house, you need a fun touch that adds a vibrant vibe to your home. That’s where the fun begins! Try to pick a set of pillows with different colors that look good with your furniture. For example, if you have a black collection of sofas, yellow is your new best friend! If you have a white or beige set of couches, then go ahead and pick up a few hippy-looking ones with many colors in them to add a delicate touch to the room.

5. Art Is A State Of Mind

Have you ever seen any classic place that doesn’t include any piece of art? No! That’s because art, in general, is the first step everyone looks for when they want to look classy. What’s your favorite art type? If you like Van Gogh, then pick a print of his work and throw it over a wall that looks simple. If you like Dali’s surrealism, get a copy of your preferred one and throw it over a black surface. Always try to find the perfect way to mix your painting with the right wall and area.Art can instantly turn any place into a better and more sophisticated one. That’s why you need to try and add some art to your living room. Whether you like music products, paintings, or sculptures, creativity is always a trend in the interior design world. So make sure you use it!

Do You Need Help?

Most people don’t always have enough time to get creative and design their homes room by room. That’s when we are here to help! Here at Maxart, interior design Dubai is a pleasure we like to do. Our team is a creative one who wants to get to know you and build you a home that completely suits you. Whether you’re looking for comfort, delight, satisfaction, or luxury, we are the perfect team for you to rely on. 

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