7 Elements of Interior Design


Everything around us can be effective in how we behave, feel, or even build our lifestyles. The art of interior design Dubai is one of the fundamentals to achieving a delightful lifestyle. It helps them provide themselves a happy life and fill it with pleasure and comfort. At the same time, and just like any other form, interior designing has its own rules, basics, and working process. As long as creativity and knowledge are there, it's not hard to design your place or ask someone to do that for you.

The Artistic Basics

Many people think that interior designing is all about buying a beautiful cabinet, a comfy couch, mixing it with a good background, and magic happens by itself. The process of turning a room into a better-looking one or even starting from scratch needs an expert. You need to know how to mix the proper lightning with the perfect shades. Another point you must know how to deal with is using sizes to create the right design that suits that specific area. Knowing these details can help you create an artistic place that's well studied to make every single meter beneficial.

1. Use Your Space Wisely

When we say "Space," We don't always mean the one with the shiny stars and other planets. In interior designing, space can be an aura where you can create a beautiful combination of light, artistic art pieces, and furniture. For example, designing a living room depends on the size and lightning to create a beautiful result. These two sides help you know what couch, lightning, or cabinets you can use. Which enables you to make sure you don't have too many elements in it, yet not leave it quite empty.

2. Lines Can Be Your New Best Friend

Using lines in any designing project can help you see what space you have left and what focal point has more attention than other corners. Bring a piece of paper, and sketch, sketch a lot! Any element you might use can be drawn as a line. This means it will help you recognize where each couch, fridge, sink, chair, or other element needs to be in reality. It encourages you to collect your ideas till you settle on one of them. On the other hand, you won't be tiring yourself from moving heavy products all the time or purchasing unnecessary things.

3. Light It Up!

Whether you're designing a room at your home, your office, or even a garage, you need to make sure you have enough lighting. Both natural daylight and artificial illumination are essential. You need to make sure it's enough to bring some more attention to some projects or for the members to see and work properly. The more lightning, the better. The number of windows can permanently be fixed with a curtain to eliminate an annoying neighbor or make the room dark enough for sleep.

4. What's Your Favorite Shade?

This is where the fun begins! Using suitable colors to design a room can either make it look joyful or bring it down to make you feel sad. As shades are a practical thing that affects how we behave or feel, it needs to be studied carefully.

For example, It isn't very lovable to use a red shade as your walls' color as it's a hot color that will make you feel irritated in a few minutes. On the other side, using black isn't a good choice as well as it decreases how large the room looks. Try out painting your walls with a beige or light blue shade and combine it with a set of black furniture and one baby-yellow chair. It would look great! If red does not make you feel sad, and if you don’t care about black color shrinking your room, we are totally okay to design a room using any of these colors for you

5 - What Form Are You Using?

The shape of furniture or walls is one of the most important things you need to consider. Depending on the rules of interior design, you Should keep it completely balanced. Don't place too many things on one corner and leave the other one empty. Place the accessories you have everywhere to make it flat enough yet not too filled with stuff. Don’t overdo it! Instead, keep it simple.

6 - Texture is All About What You Desire

The texture used is exactly how cold, comfy, cozy, or annoyed you will be feeling. For example, using a couch that you don’t like enough as it isn't comfortable, beautiful, or even doesn’t go correctly with the room’s vibe wouldn't help you feel good. The point of texture is to develop a generic picture that looks great and feels even better. Try combining different textures to keep the contrast stable. It helps you refine the room's vibe.

7 - Contrast Your Patterns

It's always a great choice to mix two or three patterns. At the same time, applying more than those three patterns will turn that room into an uncomfortable one. You can use a rug, wallpaper, or artwork to add that harmonical vibe. It's just like the texture. As long as it brings life to the room and looks good, then it's suitable enough.

We Are Here To Help!

Interior design Dubai is all about what you crave to have or feel. If you’re seeking to create a comfy place to spend some time with your beloved family, or a professional and wealthy design for your office, we got you covered. We at Maxart have an expert team that’s quite knowledgeable with every tiny detail about interior design. Our goal is nothing but your satisfaction. Give us a call, and let us help you from scratch and till nothing but the most exquisite results.

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