8 Tips for Kitchen Interior Designing


Designing the area you spend your time in is all about making that aura comfortable in a way that suits your desires. Imagine if you have to waste most of your time in a place that’s nothing like you. How annoying would that be? Well, that’s when interior designing is a must. Especially when it comes to the place you live in. It’s just like filling your lifestyle with the people you love most, the car model that you crave, or the activities that keep you mentally happy. Filling your home in a way that keeps you cozy and adds that luxury touch to your lifestyle is a thing you will appreciate.    Interior designing is all about the details, which materials you use, and the style you rely on. Like any other form, it has its own rules that you can’t but stick to it. These rules are perfectly detailed to provide you with the same results you’re looking for. 

Kitchen Interior Design Rules

These rules would keep you safe from any obstacle that might lead to enormous damage in the future. In the designing world, wood is one of the most preferred materials used in homes, offices, or even restaurants. On the other hand, and even though this element is astonishing due to the cozy feeling it carries, it can’t be used in any kitchen as it can go on fire with any simple mistake. This makes it an excellent style that we all love, but too dangerous to use anywhere! There are many rules that you can use when designing your kitchen. Here are a few of the most beneficial ones.

  • How Do You Move In There?

As studies show, people intend to move in a triangle way when working in the kitchen. But what does that mean? Imagine if you’re cooking or cleaning, you would be going back and forward towards your sink, fridge, and cooking place, right? Well, that’s the triangle we are talking about. A work triangle is a path that is considered a cooking place, sink, and fridge. It shouldn’t exceed six meters, and those three elements shouldn’t be next to each other. Use the triangle shape in your interior design Dubai plan, and It will help you place them in their right corners and fill your kitchen activities with extra comfort and speed.

  • Let The Flooring Be Helpful!

As the kitchen is one of the most rooms that should stay clean, you need to pick the right floor type. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself spending more time there than you do in your office. Pick the flooring materials that are hard to be damaged, easy to clean, and don’t get dirty fast. 


  • What’s Your Favorite Color?

When it comes to colors, you need to understand that using dark colors in the backgrounds tends to decrease the size of the room. Even though it’s more luxurious and fashionable these days, try to choose those same colors in the elements, not the background. Keep the framework relaxing by using a color you like or one that would keep you calm while cooking or cleaning. You can always pick your table, cooking materials, or sink with that dark color. It would look great! 


  • Practical Is Also Modern.

With nowadays interior design modern types and designs, most people would choose the elements that aren’t practical but look good. As they choose modern and luxurious looks over comfort, it doesn’t work that well for them! Instead, they end up changing the design in a year or less. That’s why you need to think of how practically every element is before you purchase it. For example, there are thousands of kitchen table designs, but in general, three types, practical, luxurious, or both in one. Well, you need to go with the third option. There are thousands of options. Take your time, and pick the perfect one. 


A Comfortable Yet Luxurious Kitchen

Building a comfortable and rich interior design plan is all about the tricks you use to keep it looking luxurious but comfier for your everyday lifestyle. 

  • You Need Plenty Of Storage

Keep in mind that you will need extra storage every single day. I mean, imagine storing all of the elements you have on the kitchen table, leaving no space to cook or even sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. How irritating and uncomfortable would that be? Well, you should be prepared with the right amount of space you need, drawers, and cabinets to store your products without leaving them to dust.

  • Can You See Properly?

As we use knives, hot water, oil, and other tricky elements in the kitchen, the lightning part is one of the essential parts that you need to design carefully. You can’t use the lights in the wrong corners. Otherwise, you’ll end up not seeing what you’re working on and probably end up ordering a pizza every night. (Yes, we all love Pizza, but that’s not the point)

  • Power Comes First!

No, I’m not talking about the Avengers. I’m talking about proper power sources. Most people would go ahead and choose the design they like most. But eventually, they would end up changing it all when they find out they don’t have the proper power sources for their elements. So before you start wasting your money, check out what power sources you have, and start from there.

  • Safety First!

Designing the kitchen isn’t as simple as it seems. You need to check up on every little detail and make sure it’s completely safe as it can put you in danger if it isn’t. Fill your kitchen with rounded countertops, slip-resistant flooring, ovens that are at the height of adults, and family-friendly door locations as well. 

All About Kitchen Interior Design

When it comes to your kitchen, you need to make sure every single corner is designed correctly. That way, you’ll end up with a fine-looking kitchen that’s completely comfortable, cozy, safe, and rich too. We at Maxart see interior designing as our state of the art. As we are always doing our best to provide you with the most exquisite results, we study every case and develop the perfect designs that would suit it perfectly. When it comes to designing your lifestyle, you can rely on us.Contact us at Maxart and let the magic begin!Whatsapp: +971 50 993 8659Email: info@maxart.ae

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