9 Steps for Re-Branding Your Business on Social Media


In life, sometimes, nothing goes as planned. You might have intended to become a doctor when you grow up, build a successful business, or maybe fly to the moon. Sometimes, though, your plan doesn’t quite go the way you wanted it to. Luckily, there’s always an alternative heading your way! MAXART, a trusted social media agency in Dubai, breaks down the steps for re-branding your business in social media. 

“Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” - Jay Baer

Re-Branding Is Your Second Shot

There are bumps and surprising turns that you will face when trying to promote your brand in marketing. All is said and done with nothing to show for it; your best plan is to RE-BRAND. This move is your second chance to go after that milestone and make it right!With re-branding, you can redesign your company logo, brand identity, choose different colors, packaging, and much more to re-imagine your brand and make it to the top. In this article, we’re going to shed some light on some of the steps you can follow in re-branding your business.

The 9 Steps to Success

For every successful process, some steps need to be considered and walked through to get that stability, especially when trying to take a huge step like re-branding on social media. Here are a few:

1: Set Your Priorities Straight

Since you’ve been through the bumps already - and you should’ve learned from your mistakes - this step should be a walk in the park.

You need to set your priorities and devise a well-organized plan that will help you promote your new and improved brand better on social media. You need to put in the work and start doing some research on what your audience really wants.

Handling social media isn’t an easy task if you don’t have an agenda. Keeping an eye on the stats when implementing your bulletproof plan is also a key element in identifying your priorities.

2: Get Your Pre-Game On

After deciding to go in a different direction with your brand, you need to consider that your followers and audience won’t be too excited about the change. In fact, some might not even be affected by the transformation. That’s why you need to prepare your audience for the changes coming their way.

A few promotional videos with some interesting teasers might do the trick. Keep in mind; your audience must be aware of the upcoming changes before the big reveal because you don’t always get a second shot.

3: Check for Originality

You can’t always assume that the idea you’ve come up with for your re-branding process is genuine, and no one has beat you to it. As mentioned before, you need to do your research.

Check if your re-branding plan is indeed a unique and special one that hasn’t been taken yet. Of course, some studies say that the idea you come up with is hardly original because the odds say that someone else could be thinking about the same thing you are right now. That’s why it’s important to do some research, check availability for your idea, and start implementing your plan.

4: The Mentalist

Brace yourself because it’s time to dig deep and find that inner mentalist of yours!

After launching your new brand, people will be confused and have a lot of questions that need answers - FAST! That’s why you must try to anticipate what your audience and followers would want to know or might ask.

If you have that established, you can easily provide instant responses to your fellow community and reduce the confusion rate. A good thing to do is to assign someone from your time to handle the replying process. This would save some time and provide great results.

5: Don't Just Talk the Talk

When you decide to go viral and start launching your new brand, you must have all your social media platforms updated on the same day or before the launch.

You can’t have one or more accounts with all the information needed for the new brand. This will definitely cause a lot of confusion and, in the process, have your entire re-branding plan fail. Also, make sure that you update the information you have on review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

6: Make a Scene

It’s time to show off your new brand. When the day comes for your brand to flourish and the new process needs to be finally revealed, you must address the community about the changes you’ve made.

Leave no stone unturned! Make sure you explain every detail of the changes you made to the business to reduce confusion and have the people understand why this improvement is better.

7: Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!

The whole idea of re-branding and making changes to your current brand is because you weren’t succeeding and getting much exposure as you’ve hoped. That’s why you need to advertise and promote your improved content to the world with better tactics this time.

Again, it’s all about the research. When you have that established, then it’s mostly downhill from there. Just make sure that you enjoy the moment and celebrate this new achievement with your audience as well.

8: Put Some Money In it! (In Step 7 - We Mean)

It’s true that organic branding is very effective and lasts longer, but you must consider that the power of paid ads will give you the push you need to advertise your new brand better.

Respect this process even though you might not be the kind of business owner that relies on paid ads. You need to give this a chance because what’s the point of this re-branding process if you don’t consider all possibilities, right?

9: Engagement is Key

Congratulations, your re-branding approach has come through, and your plan has indeed proven to be bulletproof! And that’s just the first day of launch.

Wait! Don’t forget to stay active on those social media platforms and accounts of yours. Don’t get lazy, and you need to maintain your succeeding brand by staying active and engaging with your users because this is the key to continuous achievement.

Answer those questions, keep posting some interesting and content, and don’t let go of that spotlight.

Leave the Dirty Work to Us

It’s not an easy step to start re-branding your business on social media. It’s a very long and time-consuming process that needs patience and experienced professionals. Have us take the wheel and help you with your re-branding. Maxart is your gateway to a new and bright future.

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