Best Ways to Brainstorm Creative Ideas


Periodically, you get stuck for design inspiration for no reason, or you can't get started on a project. Do you know what to do?

  • The first thing: Don't judge yourself; it happens to anyone too.
  • The second thing that you need is to brainstorm.

You Some Tips about Brainstorming Effectively

Brain Writing

If you are in the meeting, your team will write down three ideas related to the brainstorm topic. Then, they will pass these ideas to the person next to build their ideas by adding new points. Try to repeat this till everyone revives the ideas that are written down. This technique will give a chance to everyone to contribute and give the project innovative ideas.

Rapid ideation

Everyone has his private time to be creative. For example, some people like to write in the late morning and others at night. Therefore, write down as many ideas as you can and prepare yourself before discussing them with your colleagues.

Give full disclosure

Try to add your ideas even if you think that they aren't important. Write them as secondary information. You don't know how they will become important while you are developing your ideas.

Analytic Questions

To come up with great ideas, you should ask yourself 5 questions of Whys. If you can answer these questions, so you are on the right track. We recommend you be honest while answering these questions.

Think Out of the Box

Don't stick to your ideas, do more search and more reading to motivate yourself. For example, you're working on a project about designing a can cover. You don't know how to start. Don't be confused! Try to take inspiration from other can covers.

Leave Your Desk for Minutes

Walk away from the computer and embrace physical tools like pencils and papers. Hold your pencil and write anything that comes to your mind or draws anything. Consider it as a break time. Then, go back to your computer, read the title of your project, and you will see it from other perspectives. Also, you can use some apps to organize your ideas, such as MinNode, Moodboard, OmniGraffle, MyPantone, and iDesign. To conclude, we've given you some tips about brainstorm. The most important thing is to stay calm and relaxed to make ideas flowing smoothly. If you need any help, maxart will be glad to serve you in this and other fields related to marketing.

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