Does Your Domain Name Affect SEO?


Nowadays, businesses and brands are all thinking about ranking higher with SEO services in Dubai. Of course, who can blame them? Everything is digital now, and ranking high on Google can go a long way when promoting your brand, especially when you have the right domain name for your business website.

Why is Domain Name Important?

First of all, you need to know that your domain name encourages people to consider clicking on your site when it comes up on their search results. It’s a significant aspect when working on your web development. You can look at a domain name as if it’s the first impression you give to visitors. If the domain name you use sounds catchy and promising, you’ll get more click-throughs and increase visits to your website. Thus, this will increase your rank on Google and raises your website to the top.Domain names contribute to increasing your click-through rates, adds a competitive edge, build trust, and make your brand more valuable. This means that taking the time to think through what domain name you’re choosing for your website is crucial. It will resemble your brand identity, authenticity, and clarity, impacting users everywhere. So, choose wisely!

The 3 Keys to Domain Name Perfection

Before you go and hire someone for SEO services in Dubai, let’s give you a quick 3-key heads up. You should consider these tips when choosing your domain name:

1. Originality Over Complexity

It’s known for a fact that using keywords in your domain name would increase your ranking on Google. However, that ship has sailed because, in 2012, Google had changed its algorithm. They made it so that websites with obvious keyword stuffing domain names were recognized as spam. This led to putting them on the bottom of the ranking list.That’s why it’s better to look for original names and use your business domain name that reflects your brand's purpose. Thus, even if you name your business using a keyword, it still looks original and not spammy. Just keep it Optimal.

2. Stay Away From Hyphens

For some, it’s reasonable and clearer to add Hyphens to your domain name if it consists of two separate words. However, the problem with this is that Google considers it spammy. It decreases the readability and fluency of the name, plus spammers usually use this method to recreate original websites as knock-offs. We do not recommend you use Hyphens in your domain name for the same reason. It’s better to stay safe than sorry in these types of conditions.Although if you still think you need to use hyphens, try to minimize it to only one hyphen.

3. Top-Level Domain (TLD)

This is the part that comes at the end of each domain. It could be .com, .org, .edu, etc… The options here are almost endless. However, if you want your domain to be more SEO-friendly, then you should consider ending it with a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) (Example .ae, .uk, etc.). This will help narrow down the search results and will also help you target specific audiences by demographic.Consider adding both .com and a country code to your domain to get the optimal SEO-friendly level.

Ask For Professional Help

Do you need help with this technical domain name and website development process? Look no further because Maxart will help you pick the optimal domain name and increase your ranking with bulletproof SEO services in Dubai. Leave your website in the hands of the professionals as we increase your ROI and awareness in a blink of an eye.

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