Get Noticed with Creative Business Card Ideas


Creative Business Card Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out

One of the satisfying power moves you can do is giving out a professional business card. Maxart is listing down some of the creative business card ideas that will surely stand out. Make everyone remember you and your brand with a striking business card.

1. Maximalist Design

Minimalism is great;  sometimes less is more.

But the opposite is also true. Sometimes, more is more—and taking the loud and bold route (whether that’s with bright colors, fun graphics, or intricate detailing) is the way to go with your business card designs—especially if you’re apart of the creative industries.

Why it works?You’re giving someone your business card because you want them to remember you. And what better way to leave your mark and make a lasting impression than creating a boldly designed business card? In the examples below, we see how color, texture, font, and even LED lights are

2.3D Elements

Designing a fully 3D business card—or incorporating 3D elements—requires a certain level of expertise. If you want to create a 3D experience with your business card, talk to a designer and/or a printer to get a better feel for your options—and for help bringing that vision to life!


When it comes to making a mark with your business cards, one of the most impactful things you can do? Add a photo. 

Designing your business card around a photo (whether it’s a photo of you, your product, or something related to your business) can make them more memorable and visually interesting—which will also make them more likely to drive results.

Why it works? Too much text can be overwhelming for a lot of people—adding a photo can help your business card connect to people who are more visual. Plus, if you use a personal photo, it immediately puts a face to a name (whether that’s your face or the face of your product), which will make it easier for people to remember exactly who you are and what you’re about when they pull your business card out of their wallet.

4.Location Map

If your clientele needs to come to you, a cool, funky or artistically represented map could be a great reverse side of your business card. (You are planning to use both sides of the card for the design, right?) Plus, people just love to look at maps.

Don’t get hung up on a map that has to show a precise location. The map should give users a general idea of where your business is located. Instead, opt for a striking visual that provides basic information such as city and state or proximity to a well-known landmark.

Just make sure that if a map is a key element to include a physical address that people can use to Google your location as well. You don’t want to leave anyone wondering how to actually find you

5.Promos & Call-to-Action

Physical elements such as business cards don't come with the same measurable ROI that many of us are used to getting with digital products/business strategies. Try incorporating a promo/offer or some call-to-action prompts to get actual engagements from your business cards.

It's not a surefire way but people are always interested when they see promos and deals - especially when they're FREE! An enticing offer drives a lot of physical and digital traffic to your business.

Just because you need a business card, doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Make a great first impression with a strong business card design that lets people know who you are and what you are about. Use high-quality paper and printing techniques to solidify that impression.

And don’t be afraid to get creative. In a creative field, your business card should not just tell people who you are; it should also showcase your style. Consider partnering with a creative design agency to make your business card truly stand out.

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