How To Begin Branding For Your E-Commerce Business


Things get a bit trickier than your usual marketing tactics when it comes to the modern world of digital marketing. Nowadays, TV commercials and radio ads don’t have the same advertising power as they used to. It’s all about the virtual world and how you can target consumers online. And who can blame them? With the great influence the internet has on people, you’re bound to start advertising digitally. Now, businesses and companies establish something called an eCommerce business. It’s where they showcase and sell their products and services online to make purchasing easier for customers. Thus, it brings us to how important it is to promote your business online. Branding an eCommerce business requires three major factors; Identifying your business, competing in the market, and creating customer satisfaction. 


Your Brand Identity

 You can’t start establishing a website or purchasing a domain if you don’t have the essentials established. These essentials are easier said than done. First of all, you need to identify the name, logo, and purpose of your business. Are you going to sell clothes, electronics, online physical therapy services, or what exactly? As soon as you have that figured out, you can then move on to establishing your brand logo and slogan. Before you get too excited and start sketching some ideas, stop and consider the future for one second. It’s not necessary to do so, but having a clear vision of how your brand logo will impact your audience in the future could give you an idea of where to start. Plus, you’ll prevent any unexpected issues that might emerge as you go. You can try imagining how your logo would look on packaging, large printed billboards, and application ads.If you can achieve that long-term vision, you can safely say you have a bulletproof branding strategy. Not to mention the right choice of colors. Remember that the  colors  you choose for your logo will be your permanent identity for generations to come.


So, choose your colors wisely!

 On the other hand, your slogan has to be short and related to your business’s purpose. Making it rhyme might not be the best direction to go with; we’re not in the 1960s anymore. Try making them 3-5 words (not mandatory) like Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan. It’s short, neat, and straight to the point. Some slogans might be longer like M&M’s “Melts in Your Mouth, Not Your Hands” slogan. The important thing is that you don’t drift away from the brand’s intended message and purpose. 

Standing Out and Competing

 If you want to survive in the virtual world, you need to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these factors can help you know which parts of your business need enhancement and should be avoided. If you can enhance your strengths and take advantage of those selling points you have, new opportunities will emerge constantly. Sometimes your strengths won’t distinguish you from the other competition. If you think you're providing low prices, but another company provides it cheaper than you, then what good is your strong point? The same goes for quality; there’s for sure another major company competing for the best quality product. Of course, it’s not advised to compete with these major businesses if you’re still a startup. You’ll get squashed easily. That’s why you need to either find out what you can do better than your competitors or find something unique about your business and work on enhancing it. It could be your fast performance or rapid productivity. It would help if you dug deep to find what distinguishes you. 


Make Your Customers Happy

 The purpose of branding your business is to maintain continuous success and achieve rapid growth. To do so, you need to provide high customer satisfaction.People are looking for a brand that brings forth products they want and draws a smile on their faces. It’s proven that most customers usually repurchase from a business because of their friendly and trustful atmosphere. That’s why you need to make sure that you’re providing your clients with the utmost experience at your online store. Try being responsive to their inquiries and helpful as much as possible. Some companies use  chatbots  to respond quickly to their customers because nothing is more annoying than waiting. So, make sure you don’t have your clients waiting hours for you to reply. In other cases, customer inquiries are usually similar. This gives you the chance to create canned responses that will help in your fast response strategy. That way, you can maintain that human-to-human connection and still be able to provide quick answers to customers. It’s up to you to choose between AI chatbots or the usual human-to-human interaction. Finally, the user-friendly experience. Since you have your customer service process all figured out, it’s time to have your website more user-friendly. Let’s face it, everyone relies on using their phones when getting things done, especially shopping. Therefore, you need to make your website mobile-friendly and build an application for your store for you to succeed in the eCommerce business.If one of these two solutions isn’t present, then you’re looking at a major setback in your branding strategy. Making things accessible and easier for clients should be your go-to strategy. Provide ease, and satisfaction will emerge. 


Try Professional Help

 You might either not be the type of person to handle all of these branding tactics, or you don’t have the time for it. That’s completely understandable. After all, your business has other issues that need to be handled, from production to financial factors. This is where relying on a professional digital marketing agency could come in handy.A professional marketing agency can take care of your entire branding process from start to end while also maintaining your intended vision. If you think you have the budget for it, then try hiring a professional digital marketing agency. You can also consider us, the wizards behind the creativity in marketing. Our Maxart digital marketing team is practically genius when it comes to logo design and branding. If you want creative and out-of-the-box ideas, then you should choose us. Our arms are getting numb from how long we had them raised in the air.


Pick me! Pick me!

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