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Most people who don’t know much about designing homes think it depends on mixing beautiful elements only. You’ll be surprised by how many other sides it depends on in the process. Building the place you live in can be affected by where you live. Not with the style you use, but with the materials. For example, if you’re living in Canada, you’ll need to use the best elements that can keep you completely warm all the time. If you’re living in the UAE, then you need to build everything in a way that can help you stay cool.


Keep It Cool


Through the thousands of options you have for creating your home’s scheme, many elements can help you make that area suitable for what’s around. Some of them are easy to get and inexpensive costs, and some can be out of budget to buy.

When it comes to your furniture’s fabrics, you need to make sure you don’t buy any velvet ones. As sitting on a velvet couch for a few minutes in a row can feel hot, it’s not that much of a good decision to pick that material. Instead, you can use silk! It’s beautiful, cool to touch, and comes in plenty of patterns and styles that you would admire. This trick can help you turn your home into a modern one that’s filled with luxury.

  • Floor

If you’re trying to get rid of the hotness in your home, then wood is your worst choice. Instead, go with a soft marble one that looks good with your house. This beautiful material stays cool in both winter and summer and can be very satisfying on hot days. It also seems remarkably luxurious, which means you’ll be keeping up with the modern vibe and adding a fabulous touch too.

  • Shades

Well, you must be wondering what colors have to do with the weather? Colors are one of the things that can be very effective in how we feel. That’s the main reason why you’ll need to use bright colors such as white, beige, blue, or soft green on the walls. Even for furniture, stay away from any hot color unless you want to feel like living in an oven!


Latest Summer Trends


Now, this is where the fun begins. As long as fashion is combined with the interior, it will be a delightful process!

  • Keep It Natural

With the last few years depending significantly on nature, it became the most excellent trend to use natural ingredients in everything. For example, a wooden cabinet that’s not too polished can make your home style very unique. Another trick that can help you have a modern lifestyle is using natural fibers that look great and feel so soft to relax on. This would add a nice texture to your home and make it seem more comfortable.

  • Patterns

Do you remember that blouse your grandma made for you years ago but you’ve never tried on? Well, you’ll need to ask her if she has time to do the same to your pillows or lamps! For the last few years, the hippy or granny patterns became a trend that everybody desired. Despite how beautiful they look, they can add a unique and artistic touch to your home.

  • Can White Be The New Queen Of Colors?

Are You feeling hot? Throw a white background. Want your house to look simple? Use a white shade. Want to keep it modern? Then it would help if you had a white shade. Are you feeling calm? It’s because you have a white wall to stare at! Nowadays, it’s all about mixing colors with the simple white shade. As this color is pure and comfortable to look at, it became one of the most outstanding and preferred shades anyone can use in their homes. Plus, it suits everyone and every place. It can look amazing with any pattern, shade, or style! 

  • Boho Is The Fun One

Suppose you like living in a place where mother earth connects to you within every element. Then this is the most exquisite style for you. The unique Boho style is about using patterns, pure and mixed shades, natural ingredients(wood), and many plants. What makes this one so special is that it can provide you with lots of coziness, relaxation, and delight.

  • Mix them well, real well

Colors, colors, and colors. When creating an exceptional scheme that’s modern, you need to consider throwing a few of your colors in that area. For example, you can have a set of three different shaded couches in the same room, like orange, baby blue, and white. This might sound a little too much, but today’s trends tell us to think out of the box with everything. I mean, if you ever see a pillow that you like but doesn’t match the other ones you already have, who cares? Buy that pillow and throw it with the other ones. Today’s interior design Dubai is telling you to have no rules with creativity.

Creativity Is Our Thing

Each one of us has a unique thing that we crave to do and feels too good? Well, creativity is our thing. Here at Maxart, we desire to see creativity everywhere. That’s why we do our best to provide you with the design you like in an admirable unique way. When it comes to interior creating, we are your guideline, so follow the lead by contacting our expert team!

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