Risks to Take and Avoid in SEO


If you want to let people know you exist, you might wish your website to appear on the first page of Google. However, it’s not as easy as you might think. Google has made sure that spammers and unprofessional SEOers don’t take up the first page with their spammy content. That’s why it frequently changes its algorithm to maintain a high-quality search engine.

Staying Cautious with SEO

You see, people nowadays type in specific keywords in Google to find what they’re looking for. Everything has become digital, so hiring mike next door to flip your business’s sign on the street won’t get you recognized. Even if you have your SEO strategy already implemented and running smoothly, you still need to keep an eye out for a few aspects.

The High Stakes

Anything you do has potential risks that are too high to implement or too low to even worry about. Here are a few of those high risked in SEO that you need to avoid:

1. Avoid Doorways & Bad Backlinks

Generally speaking, you should avoid doorway pages for any reason possible because Google already recognizes these types of pages as spam. It’s not your fault that spammers are using this method to gain higher rankings, but still, it’s better to block them from getting all the rankings. Other than poor doorways, it would help to keep a lookout for bad natural backlinks that come from spam websites. It’s not a significant issue, but if google recognizes these links, your website is bound to lose its rank. So don’t take these SEO risks at all!

2. Deleting Pages or Making Changes

First of all, never delete a page on your website even if the information or product has expired. Either leave a message below or redirect users to a different page because you don’t want to get rid of a page ranking well for SEO. The second thing is don’t make too many small changes. It’s good to keep your website updated, but too many changes will have Google reassess your site, which might have you losing your ranking.

Lower Stakes

These methods are at a lower risk if you decide to take any of them into consideration:

1. Updating and Testing

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s essential to keep your website updated, and redesigning it in some aspects can go a long way. Sometimes you might not get the rank you were hoping for even when you’ve implemented the best SEO strategy you can find. That’s why there’s no harm in making a few small SEO changes in your meta or text. The only risk you’d be taking is the time and effort you’ll be putting in for testing these changes you’ve made.

2. Giving Back to The Community

By this, we mean you need to be generous with your backlinking. Getting natural and high-quality backlinks from other websites is great for your SEO. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to link back to other websites as well. Sure, you might be redirecting users to other websites, but Google finds this proof of authenticity, increasing your ranking. Thus, it will gain you more leads and new visitors.

Manage Your Risks

If this is overwhelming and requires time to implement that you don’t have, then consider hiring professionals to do it for you. You can rely on Maxart and their SEO experts to enhance your website’s Google ranking and increase your ROI as well. With just a few clicks, Maxart’s experts will have your website flying through the roof of Google’s search results.

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