Top 10 Branding Tips for Startups


You saved up some money, and you’re ready to start your own business. Office life and a dead-end job doesn’t quite cut it anymore. You want to show people how it’s done and become your boss. Where do you start? Sure, you need accommodations or an online domain to sell whatever you’re selling. You also need to price on those products and services you’re offering, not to mention the budget for your marketing campaign. Even with all of those factors met, you still haven’t gotten to the essence of your business establishment. It’s all about the long-term vision and consistency of your start-up operations. You need to have a bulletproof strategy to ensure your success, at least for many years to come. That’s called branding, and how you do is what you’ll find out in the next section. 


Branding Tips That Will Make Your Startup Whole

 Managing and marketing your startup isn’t a difficult job. You can easily do this with one hand tied behind your back if you have the essentials covered. These tips are just a few steps you need to take when implementing a successful branding strategy. You might even know some of them already, which will make branding even easier for you.

  • Cover the Basics

 You can’t start implementing that magnificent marketing campaign you’ve been talking about if you don’t have the basics covered. First of all, you need to choose the right name for your business and identity to go with it all. By establishing the name that suits your brand, customers might be interested in what you offer just by the business’s name. After you have all your essentials settled, you’ll find that everything is mostly downhill from there.

  • Research the Competition

 Even if you think you have everything ready and established, there’s still the matter of competing with the big boys. We can’t stress enough how important this step is! You need to research your competitors and see what they are doing and how they do it. This is because you want to do things differently and set yourself apart from the competition. Moreover, you’ll be able to gain more audience and probably more than your competitors if you offer better value than them. Research can also prevent duplicating what others do. It’s a good idea to find inspiration in what others accomplish, but it’s never a good idea to copy their practices. 

  • Be Distinctive but Consider the Future Impact

 Since you have your research ready and the business name established, it’s time to get creative with your brand identity. Start with the logo. What colors do you think the best suit your brand? Which logo design will set you apart from all your competitors? Sometimes keeping it simple and classy could go a long way because you have to consider packaging and printing. You don’t want your logo to be complex and too big to even fit on the package. These elements play a huge part in your unique presence and ease for future issues and requirements. 

  • Do Your Own Branding SWOT Analysis?

 SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When creating a branding strategy, you need to define these key factors for your brand. What are your strengths, and where to find your selling points? If you can distinguish these characteristics, you’ll easily know how to compete next to your rivals. Your selling point could be fast productivity, providing great quality, lower prices, or anything you find valued by customers. This will give you a head start you need in promoting your business and standing out from others. 

  • What’s Your Story?

 Since you have your SWOT analysis figured out, it’s time to let the people know your story and goals. Clearly define the mission and vision of your business so that people can relate to your brand. Reaching this step means you already know what you plan on providing your clients at the moment and what you plan on achieving in the future. All is left is the way you put them in engaging and convincing words for your audience. Be clear and straightforward with your story, and you’ll have your customers hooked in no time. 

  • Build a Customer Bond

 Providing the best prices and probably better quality than others isn’t enough to achieve that high ROI rate. You need to know that some customers are connected to a brand because of how they treat them. This means that trust and loyalty should be your main goal to achieve among your customers. To build that customer bond, you should think about ways you can ensure the satisfaction of your clients. You can try to offer them great deals when it comes to your regular customers. You can also offer free samples or gifts to attract new consumers. The way you do it is up to you. 

  • Stand by Your Values

 You got your audience hooked on your vision, mission, and brand identity. However, one wrong move in one of them can ruin the entire process. You need to make sure that you live up to your values and maintain consistency in what you provide. If you say you offer the best prices in the market, make sure you always do so. If your identity is distinctive for its unique colors, make sure your website or store embraces those colors. Remember, if you can’t stand by your values, then your entire operation will crumble down slowly. 

  • Raise Awareness Through Social Media

 You might not be a fan of these social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Like it or not, they are a huge part of your branding strategy. If you think you can only connect with your audience through tv commercials and live appearances, then you have another thing coming. The internet is exploding with fame, and everyone these days uses technology to get what they need. Social Media is one way to connect, get feedback, promote, and reach out to your customers these days. Make sure you establish a well-thought-out online strategy for promoting your business and brand. 

  • Leave Room for Improvement

 We suggested you keep your logo simple because you need to make room for improvements. There’s no doubt your logo and identity are the best in the market, but time has been known to change. This means that your logo, marketing methods, and other elements will last for some time until change occurs. That’s why you need to be ready to adapt and make the necessary adjustments that comply with the current environmental change. Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, so adjustments are crucial now and then. 

  • Have the Professionals Do It for You

 This tip is for those who don’t have the time to develop their branding plan or find it overwhelming. Have no fear because you could always rely on a marketing and advertising agency to do the work for you. Take our Maxart agency, for instance. We can create your brand identity, establish a thorough marketing plan, and increase your sales with just a snap of our fingers. Leave it to the professionals at our company to handle all your branding concerns from point A to point Z. You don’t even have to lift a finger when you leave the heavy lifting to us. We make creativity meet your brand as you watch those ROI numbers rise.

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