Top e-Commerce Platforms for 2021


Technology, web design, online shopping, and all these modern-age improvements, including e-commerce web development Dubai, are revolutionary. Marketing and Advertising are now implemented in new and improved ways that almost make Google ads a thing of the past. With e-commerce taking over the market and online shopping being the new grocery errand, everything becomes virtually accessible.

It’s the Renaissance All Over Again!

We’re not saying that the typical and original way to promote your products and services is inevitable. We’re just pointing out that there are new ways to advertise, and it all can be done virtually online and provide tremendous results.

A Glimpse of E-commerce

It started with a Sting CD, which then revolutionized the world of online shopping. In 1994, a man sold his friend a Sting album through his online website NetMarket, an American online retail platform. It was at that moment when e-commerce was born. E-commerce is basically the process of buying, selling, and discovering products PR services online. It’s also the process of transferring data and money through online platforms. Of course, with time, e-commerce evolved from selling just physical products to selling virtual bitcoins and online points worth physical money in real life. E-commerce made connecting with people and shopping much easier for users and the world. The best part about this revolutionary act is that anyone can use it (seeing how surprisingly easy it is to access), and almost everyone does. This makes targeting the audience and clients a piece of cake.

The E-commerce Platforms

An e-commerce platform is a software application that helps businesses to establish their operations online for clients and customers to find. These platforms have developed over time, making them handy and easy to use, thanks to their automated technology software.Some of these great e-commerce platforms are:

1. Shopify

This incredible platform right here is one of the leading commerce platforms in the market. It’s a platform that allows businesses to sell online, on social media, in stores, and almost everywhere.The sky is the limit with an amazing platform like Shopify. It has sold and managed different products and services, from physical products like jewelry, snowboards, and clothing, to digital products like eBooks, music, and more. Additionally, it offers excellent opportunities for mobile app development for Shopify stores. Not to mention it has sold tickets, consultation services, and online lessons.Its overall score is 4.2, according to the e-commerce CEO.

2. Weebly

It’s not one of the most used or common e-commerce websites in the market, but it still has some advantages that might be of use to your start-up. First of all, this website is straightforward to use and has outstanding features for establishing your online website. Even though most platforms offer the same features as Weebly, it still compares favorably to other platforms.It might seem unreasonable to pay that much for a platform like Weebly, but considering its ease of use and self-hosting features, it’s still a marvelous software to come by.According to experts from HostingAdvice, it has an overall score of 4.9.

3. BigCommerce

The title says it all! BigCommerce has always dominated the top spot regarding facilitated features and easy drag and drop panels. This platform is most businesses’ go-to software for it has provided the ultimate satisfaction for its users.With an overall rating of 4.3, according to the e-commerce CEO, BigCommerce can be your choice of software if you’re confused and uncertain where to start. Although it’s not for everyone, you have to consider your budget before purchasing it.

4. Wix

Probably the most flexible user interface in the market, Wix makes it all seem so easy. It’s also not that expensive compared to all the other e-commerce platforms.Also, a drag and drop platform with high-quality features and integrated tools that provides the customer satisfaction you’ve been asking for. It offers many templates, owns web hosting services, and is perfect to use for a small business.The best part is the automation technology used to fit handheld devices through its amazing application. Even though it doesn’t provide complete access to the coding system, it still comes through when establishing your start-up business website.

5. Woo Commerce

This state-of-the-art platform puts the “Oh” as “SEO.” A truly dominating SEO software that provides a great hand on web design experience and makes sure your site is on the map. Indeed, it’s quite an expensive platform and plug-in, although it still brings forth excellence and amazing performance. It also has 1-click selling apps and several service providers. However, with some disadvantages like difficult troubleshooting and the need for extensions for it to work properly, it still maintains an overall rating score of 4.0.

6. Magento

Another strong SEO software that will help your business grow and rank high on Google. It contains a wide collection of robust and features, not to mention 1 click selling apps.It might not be the easiest software to handle or navigate, but the designs and theme templates overpass all the minor disadvantages. A bit pricy, but it’s unique and innovative software to use. Choosing an e-Commerce Platform for your business is a tough job. Let Maxart provide you with the proper insights and knowledge to find the best e-Commerce platform that suits your brand. Our extensive experience in web solutions for businesses is our foundation in building you the best e-commerce website.

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