Ways to Analyze Your Creative Ideas


In school, they tell you there are no wrong or right answers and always participate in class. However, that never seemed to work with midterms and finals. There are no bad ideas or approaches to your marketing strategy, but there are limits. You can’t just say something random like “purple” and expect it to work. You need to analyze and carefully check your ideas before implementing them in the field, and here’s how. 

Creative Idea Analysis

 Use these steps in analyzing your creative ideas to make sure they are the best options for your marketing strategy.

  • Is Your Idea Original or Better?

 A study shows that if you develop an original thought or idea, the chances are that someone else also has thought about it. It doesn’t mean that they’ve implemented it or used it yet; it just means that there’s a possibility it’s  not 100% original . Still, finders keepers, and he who implements it first gets to be the rightful owner of it. In that case, you should do some research and look up your idea if anyone else has already done it. If not, then you should determine if it will add value in the long run. On the other hand, if someone or some company has already implemented your creative idea before, then you should check how it impacted them and if yours can be better. 

  • Determine the Strong Points

 If you don’t know where to start, you can begin by determining your strengths and weaknesses. After finding out what makes your company strong will open up new possibilities and suggestions for your new creative ideas. You can also see if the idea that you already came up with leans towards your strengths more. Of course, every idea needs to be challenged by others. It’s a good thing to take insight from other’s points of view and see what they think. You can also answer those difficult questions your boss might ask you and put your idea to the test, like, how will this benefit our objectives? Will it increase ROI? Don’t be afraid to challenge your creative ideas to get better results! 

  • Proper Testing and Modification

 Getting things right the first time sounds difficult. There are always constant adjustments and modifications that need to be made to get the final result. That’s why proper  testing needs to be conducted before you put your plan into action. Please don’t get frustrated with the results, no matter how bad they look. Remember that for your idea to succeed; you need to learn from the failures to create success. Learning from experience is the main key for your creative idea to succeed. So, make sure you keep conducting tests until you’re provided with promising results. 

We’ll Plan it For You.

 Don’t put yourself down or beat yourself up if you can’t develop a creative marketing plan for your company. It’s a heavy load to carry this kind of burden, nevertheless the operations of your company. Leave the heavy lifting to the creative minds of Maxart as we build, analyze, and achieve marketing goals your company strives for. Contact us, and let’s get the creativity rolling.


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