8 WordPress Mistakes to Avoid


The days of hiring a developer and paying thousands of dollars for website development in Dubai are over. Now we have automated CSSs like WordPress that handle all the technical aspects themselves.However, with such a huge platform and multiple features to work with, you’re bound to make mistakes when working on WordPress. That’s why we have listed some of the common mistakes you can avoid.

8 Common Mistakes

Some of these mistakes are debatable, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when working on website development in Dubai:

Low-Quality Coded Themes

If your website is operating very slowly, people won’t bother surfing the page or even wait for it to load. This is where low-quality coding could be your problem. Now, sometimes if you’ve purchased the theme online or for free, then the source could be your initial problem. So, it’s always better to validate HTML through an efficient validation program.In some cases, poor coding might not be the problem. Some themes are known to load a massive amount of scripts, images, and files that make your site run slowly. That’s why focusing on code efficiency is key, especially with themes that have excessive HTML elements.

Various Plugins

WordPress is all about making things simple and easy when working on website development in Dubai. Adding plugins isn’t a crime, but adding more than necessary is where the lagging and slowness of your website begins to happen. The reason is that each plugin holds a massive amount of files, scripts, and images that affect the site’s performance. Adding more plugins will only make your website slower.

Lacking Media Optimization

No question adding more pictures to your site now and then keeps it crisp and entertaining. However, as simple it might seem to add a picture to your site, there’s still the aspect of optimization you should worry about.These days it’s very easy to capture a picture on your phone and upload it on Instagram or Facebook. Nevertheless, when uploading it directly to your website, you’ll be facing issues with the sizes of the images. You need to take the time to optimize the dimensions and quality before uploading them to your site.Luckily, with WordPress, this issue isn’t that common. Although, if you do face it, then you should download a plugin that will resize the images for you.

Old WordPress Version

Our advice is to turn on automatic updates for your WordPress core. Why? If you don’t keep your system updated, your website will likely start performing slower, plugins might crash, and you probably get hacked. Updates are here to make your system serve better and close any holes that hackers can crawl into. So, stay updated!

Reckless Security

Honestly, there’s no 100% secure website that can’t be hacked. This doesn’t mean you should lose hope and stop your website development in Dubai. All you have to do is make your website hard to break for those pesky aimless hackers. That way, you can make sure you won’t get hacked on the first try.To do that, there are many solutions and tips for you to strengthen your website security.

No Backups

To you, it might seem obvious to keep backups of an older version of your website. Even so, it’s still a common mistake made by developers or WordPress users. It’s very important to keep an older version of your website backed up in case your data crashes, or worse, hacked!

Forgetting Your Schema

When we enter the SEO language, there are a few things you need to keep an eye out for. Most importantly, you should keep your Schema database functional and don’t mess around with it. It’s because of it your website will earn clickthrough rates which in terms increases your ranking online. WordPress usually automatically manages this feature, so you don’t have to worry about it. However, you shouldn’t mess around with it if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Keeping Default Permalinks

You need to know that not all the Permalinks that WordPress creates are optimal and in good shape. It’s most likely that you have to change these settings, which isn’t that difficult. As long as you manage this part, search engines will be able to understand the structure of your website better and generate more leads.

Contact The Professionals

If all of these seem new to you and you don’t want to get your hands dirty, then contact real website development in Dubai professionals to solve it for you. Take us, for instance. Maxart cannot only fix and enhance your website but also develop it from scratch. This means you don’t have to worry about learning to code or deal with WordPress if you don’t want to. Just let Maxart handle this part for you.

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