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Established as one of the leading Media Production companies in Dubai, maxart is entering the world of drones with it’s FPV Racing Drone Filming.


First Person View (FPV) Drones are one-of-a-kind professional drones that started out as racing drones for hobbyists. Later on, videographers and filmmakers saw the potential in having an FPV Drone as a great tool to capture videos with a unique perspective.


We have the latest technology in FPV Drones with features like 5K video resolution, and wide transmission range of up to 4km. Unlike other drones that are bulky, FPV drones are compact and lightweight. This means that FPV racing drones can fit into narrow spaces, are aerodynamic, and can capture tight angles with ease.

Action FPV Drone Filming Dubai

Action filming has never been this exciting!

The FPV Drone is capable of keeping up with high-adrenaline, action-packed shoots like car races & chases, sports events, and action films among other things. First-person-view drones are up to the challenge to take the bulk of the video work in action-packed location shoots. FPV Drones can maneuver tight angles, twists & turns, and speeds that no other commercial drones can do.

FPV Drone Specifications

  • 5k Video Resolution
  • Battery: 5-6 minutes of flight time per fully charged battery

Drone Filming Permits and Licenses

Operating drones in the UAE requires permits from various government agencies. Our team is up-to-date and well-versed in the whole process of getting these permits from the Ministry of Defense, Civil Aviation Authority, and the Dubai Film Commission. We make sure that we are on top of the latest updates about the Aerial Filming Regulations from these agencies.


Non-compliance with the rules & regulations in drone flying in the UAE may result in fines of up to AED100,000 and 6+ months in prison.

Our FPV Drones are Registered & Fully Insured

In compliance with the UAE Aviation Safety laws, our FPV Drones are registered with the GCAA through their Aircraft Registry Unit. Our drones are issued with an ESMA Certificate that guarantees it meets the national standards and can legally fly in the UAE.

FPV Drone Filming Dubai Services

FPV Drone Maintenance
FPV Drones need regular maintenance to function properly. We offer monthly – or scheduled – FPV Drone maintenance to ensure your drone is working at optimum level.

FPV Drone Repair
We provide troubleshooting and general repairs for FPV Drones. We also specialize in repairing broken, crashed, and/or malfunctioning drones.

FPV Drone Customizations
We offer professional FPV Drone Customizations. We build drones based on your needs and budget.


FPV drone is first-person viewing. It’s where you get to experience flying as if you’re inside the drone itself. It allows you to see what your drone sees through cutting-edge technology goggles, your phone, or even a tablet. It will send you a live video feed that provides hands-on control of your drone.

The prices of the FPV Drones vary depending on their features and equipment that come with them. You can get a full FPV drone kit with goggles and a controller for about $1,299. You can get it for much cheaper without the extra features and tools. The prices vary depending on the quality of the design and specifications.

Repairing your FPV Drone will require examination of the damage and will vary according to the severeness. Meaning it could cost you less than 200$ or it could cost you more than 500$ depending on the damage. If it’s only replacing a few minor parts, then you’re looking at about a 100-150$ of repairs. If your drone requires major part replacements with severe damage to it, then you’re looking at a 500$ or more cost of repair.

Usually, if something needs fixing and isn’t properly working in your FPV Drone you’ll notice it. If your video transmitter isn’t working you’ll notice it on the screen. You might need to check the antenna or the camera itself in this case. If your drone is tilting on its own, then you might need to check your flying engine to see which one isn’t working properly. You could always test things out before taking them to the field because you don’t want anything to go wrong mid-flight. You can plug it in to test the video feed and you can give it a small test run to make sure the engines are working correctly.

Two effective methods are used to clean an FPV Drone. You need to remove the dirt by either washing the motors with water or using a bristle brush. Make sure the motors are dry before reattaching them. Bearings need to be cleaned as well by using ultrasonic cleaners or spraying them with WD-40. Afterward, you oil them using high speed bearing oil.

It’s very hard to fly an FPV Drone if you don’t know the basics of flying a regular one. However, it’s easy to learn to master it once you get a hold of the basics like basic stick movement, the intensity of your drone’s tilting, and other flying maneuvers. As long as you stay focused and don’t crash into anything you’ll master flying in no time.

You can easily put together a drone of your creation by using small and easy-to-find parts that won’t cost you more than 99$ in total. You’ll also need to determine what type of drone you want to build because the more complex the drone is, the more tools you’ll need. So pick a drone that you can build easily in the backyard without having to spend thousands of dollars on a new one.

The regulations and process are very clear and simple. If you manage to obtain the required documentation for the permit, then in 10 working days you’ll have your drone filming permit. You need to Register for an operator training certificate program endorsed by the DCAA. you also need to obtain no-objection certification and register your drone with the DCAA. once you do that, you need to stick to the drone-flying rules and regulations.

According to the rules in the UAE, you’re only allowed to fly your drone in the daytime and in perfect weather conditions. Other than that, it’s forbidden to take out your drone outside during nighttime. In some cases, you can get short-term approval for drone filming at night.

It’s a long process that requires examination of a lot of paperwork. It’s very unlikely you’ll get one on short notice. However, if you have an important event or government-related shoot, then some authorities might help in speeding up the process.

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