Mobile App Development Dubai

When you want to build your company from ashes or make some modifications, you need to stick to the trend. Everything around us is changing, and it seems as if nothing good lasts that long. That’s why we are always up to date with the latest trends and today’s big thing in mobile app development in Dubai.

mobile app development dubai

Smart Applications for your Business

Our mobile apps are built with the customer’s needs in mind. maxart is delivering high-performing and user-friendly mobile applications for various businesses with millions of users globally. Our professional team of app developers have a great record in turning out complex projects in a timely manner.


maxart gives you complete control of your application designs and functions, and provides you with the full flexibility to make any modifications to the application according to your desire and the needs of your customers.

mobile app development dubai
Android App Development

We design and develop scalable and highly-compatible Android applications that work on all Android platforms.

mobile app development dubai
iOS App Development

Maxart has a genius team of iOS developers who build clean, crisp, and stunning iOS apps to boost your brand.

mobile app development dubai
Cross Platform App Development

We create mobile apps that run on the same code and can be seamlessly deployed on all platforms.

Best App Development Company

As you can see, people spend most of their time on their phones. You can’t expect to send someone a link and have them open it on their laptops anymore. Everything now is handheld and made easy for users. Believe us when we say smartphones are everything now.


Mobile app development is the smart and modern way to promote your brand while making it accessible for clients. Whether you’re providing tangible products or unique services, your app development is the key to customer satisfaction. Nowadays, we have apps almost for everything. You can order food with an app, shop for clothes, and enjoy exciting games. However, we should ban the “Among Us” game from the office. It’s getting chaotic here at the company with this insane and addictive mobile game.


Keeping your audience hooked and connected with your company is easy when you have the right tools. These tools are a simple app development process created by our development team. We rarely get involved in their application creation methods. Some of it scares us. However, they get the job done and provide excellent user-friendly apps for you and your audience to use.

Android and iOS Development

With hot trends comes diversity. The world is full of new and modern things that leave us confused about following and buying. For that same reason, we have either iOS or Android lovers, making it difficult to choose one side. Both are great, and both deliver exquisite performance. However, each system has its features and coding, so you can’t make one application for both. It just won’t work.


When we work on your mobile app development, we consider all the possibilities. Which, in this case, are both mobile software. As a mobile app development company in Dubai, we are fully equipped with the tools and expertise needed to provide the best outcome. You can count on our professional development team as they create and modify your app from scratch. We consider some of our team members prodigies in their field of work. The creative designs and features they equip our client’s app with are just pure genius. It’s all because of the constant research they do and the high experience in the industry. It’s tough to beat them when they’re the imposters in “Among Us” as well.


You don’t have to worry about making your app accessible for both users. Let us make your app compatible with both systems and rid you of this dilemma. Give our Maxart team the wheel and have us take over your mobile app development strategy. It’s another day at the office for our group of developers.

Creative Application Design

Your app needs to resemble the identity of your brand and what you stand for as a company. It would help if you had all the right colors intact, the banners in place, and the necessary features to make it extraordinary. Figuring that out won’t be a problem for us. We rely on constant marketing strategies and brainstorming sessions in our mobile app development process. We also sit down with you and work closely together to implement your vision into its application. Be careful; working with us that closely might make you an “Among Us” addict as well.


Aside from the friendly conversations, we work hard to make your vision a reality and bring out the best in your company. Our creative team of developers will have your application fully operational in no time. We take advantage of your logo design and combine it with our expertise to provide a stunning app. Paying careful attention to detail is very important to make your app flawless in every aspect. Our number one priority is making it easy for your clients to download, install, and access the application. The second thing we make sure of is the ease of control on the interface. We need to make the page clear for users to know where everything is and how they purchase.


The structure and design of the application are what make people intrigued and hooked on your app. It grabs their attention when you provide colorful and eye-catching designs for your interface. This is exactly what we provide in our mobile app development in Dubai. Just hand over your requirements and let us start cooking your company application. Note that now it will involve actual cooking.

Connect with Your Audience Through App Design

Creating an application means you want to connect with your audience and keep them close. The intentions behind the app development strategy aren’t just becoming trendy and up to date. It would help if you made your company accessible and easy to contact with modern age technology. Your application will be the window of hope for people to reach out to you and feel more involved. You can send them new offers, have them subscribe to newsletters, and many more features. It’s also a great way to make money from Google ads and promoting others, which also helps you connect with competitors.


It’s effortless to design a great, all-around application for your brand. The hard part is having your brand stand out from all your other competitors. With our knowledge and influential minds, we will make your app unique and hopefully dominate the market with its features. Creativity is our profession, and with that, we will have your targeted customers running towards your brand. This is only possible with hard work, dedication from our team members, and lots of coffee. We can lay out the entire app development strategy in front of you and choose the best one. You don’t have to worry about a thing once you have us at Maxart take care of your brand app. Meeting your needs won’t be an issue because we intend to exceed your expectations. We make creativity meet your brand.

How much does it cost to make an app in Dubai?

There’s no simple answer and no fixed price for mobile app development in Dubai. It depends on the scope of the project and different factors that could increase or decrease your cost. Roughly speaking, it could range between $4,500 to $50,000, depending on the size and functionality.

Can you create an app for free?

Yes, you can create an app on your own for free and without any coding skills. There are a few software programs out there that can help you with that. However, know that the features are minimal.

Can one person create an app?

It is possible to create a mobile application development in Dubai with one person, but it’s not 100% bulletproof. There’s no telling if the app will turn out the way you intended with just one person on deck. However, having an agency take care of things will guarantee that your app will be successful.

How long does it take to create an app?

It takes about 3 to 9 months of hard work and development to get the project fully operational. However, it depends on the size of the mobile app development in Dubai and its complexity. The larger it is, the more time it requires to finish.

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