Video Production Dubai

video production dubai
video production dubai
video production dubai

Drone Filming in Dubai

maxart’s outstanding aerial & drone filming offers a unique perspective and sharp panoramic details to help your brand expand its horizons.

Our licensed & qualified drones are piloted by professional videographers with years of experience under their belt. With high-performance equipment and professional videography team, maxart guarantees stunning footage that exceeds expectations – all the time.

The Video Production Authority

  • Drone Filming
  • Event Coverage
  • Commercial & Promotional Videos
  • Mega Architectural Video Projects
  • Motion Graphic & Infographic Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Film & Documentaries
  • Live Broadcasts
  • Lifestyle Videos
drone filming services by maxart advertising and marketing agency in dubai
Drone Filming

maxart’s licensed drone pilots captures stunning aerial footages that offer a new perspective in your videos. Our drones are licensed and piloted by professionals with years of experience.

film production services by maxart advertising and marketing agency in dubai
Film Production

maxart’s videographers & film makers delivers creative & innovative videos based on your requirements. We use the latest modern equipment & software available in the industry.

Photography in Dubai

photography services dubai

Professional Event Photography

  • Sporting Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Wedding Photography
  • Holidays & Festivals Photography

Professional Studio & Location Photography

  • Car/Automotive Photography
  • Model Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Couple & Family Portraits
  • Location & Architectural Photography
  • Food Photography
photography services in dubai
Product Photography

maxart takes your product to a higher level. We offer professional studio photography with a dynamic team of creatives that delivers the best visuals for your brand.

photography services in dubai
Event Photography

maxart’s professional photographers takes the best shots for all types of events. We capture the most poignant, powerful moments and turn them into images you would cherish forever.

Video Production in Dubai

Your audience would like to connect and feel more involved with your product or service. However, there’s still one thing that keeps them in the dark. More Information! You can design the best logo, write engaging content, and still not gain the exposure you hoped for. Reading is considered dull and might waste time for some people. Plus, not everyone can picture your vision vividly in their mind the way you want it to be. That’s where videography comes in hand.


Visuals and motion graphic illusions keep your audience entertained and hooked on your content. It makes it easier to interpret the message you’re sending and what your company is all about. Videography is all about bringing your thoughts to life. It illustrates the details of every thought and every idea you have in your head into a motion visual experience. You’ll have your audience hooked and staring at your videos faster than you can say “video production.”


Media production companies are the go-to place that will provide you with your video production needs. If you want something a little bit unique and artistic, you should call on Picasso. Unfortunately, he’s not available, but you can call on the next big thing, which is us. Maxart is a leading creative designing advertising agency that can cover all your creative video production needs in one folder. Virtual folder that is. All your video requirements are met with our top professional production team that is just wizards on computers.


Drone Filming and Event Coverage

You see, every video shot or picture negative comes from someplace in this world. Nothing is created without the right material; unless you’re Maxart, then that’s just child’s play for us. The source of this material comes from the field. Filming streets, towers, cars, and much more to gather material for the production process. Some video shots can’t be accomplished without adequate modern equipment, which can be found in our gear bag.


Get the most out of your video production process with state-of-the-art drone filming as we take over the skies and capture the sky view. With our modern equipment, we can take your videography content to the next level. Our certified and professional drone pilots are more than capable of capturing that stunning view of Dubai from the top. They can also cover other spectacular drone filming activities like car racing, live concerts, and much more. This will add that edge to your brand video and keep your audience dazzled and somewhat nauseous if they get flight sick.


Event planning is one thing, but providing that promotional aspect is another. You can cover all the ins and outs of your live event, seminar, or wedding, but you can’t cover the skies with a selfie stick. You need a drone that will glide and dominate the roof view as you organize your event. Live event coverage is something we’re very good at. We will capture the right angles, develop footage, and produce a promotional video with just one drone. We can use more if needed. So, let our team of pilots cover your event while you stick to the planning. After this video is done, Hollywood might come knocking on your door.


We Cover Everything Related to Video

The sky is the limit when it comes to the services we offer. We might even start providing home-cooked meals. Patricia is great with the spatula!

We cover video production, from live events to carefully commercialized promotional videos. You can have your product settled in our production studio as our artistic geniuses capture your product’s elegance to provide needed exposure. No angel is steep, and no problem is unconquerable with our professional team of videographers. Our art directors have the creative mind to see things you can’t. They can provide unique results that make your promotional video stand out. Their deep thinking and artistic views are so remarkable that they leave us stunned with the results they provide. We don’t know how that creative mind of theirs came to be, but we think it has something to do with the coffee Patricia makes.


Music videos, on the other hand, are also something we are happy to provide. There’s nothing more amusing and thrilling than producing a good old music video for your product or service. Some commercial music-themed videos are so catchy that they have people singing them in the streets. Your brand could be that song that everyone whistles if you choose us as your music producer. We’re not hard to get a hold of unless it’s lunchtime and Patricia is cooking, then you’ll have to wait.


Product Photography Sessions

It’s not all video production and drone filming. There are also the smaller things in life that we do pay attention to. Our photographers are masters of capturing your brand’s greatness and embedding it into your album art. We can make your product come to life with just one photo. If you’re providing food and beverage products, then our team will provide deliciously tasty pictures that make your audience drool. We also provide model photography that will show off your products in the most astonishing way. Clothing can be represented differently with our artistic photographers; you might even want to take a photo session yourself.


Whether it’s car photography, food photography, or just plain photography, we have your back. We have the best equipment in the industry and top-notch photographers in the galaxy. We refer to them as aliens because what they provide is simply out of this world! Your product promotional photographs are in the bag once you let us handle them. We will arrange the right locations, perfect timing, and of course, great coffee to go with it. Like we said before, I think it’s the coffee that makes our team so creative.


Would you mind sitting back and going with the flow as we take care of all your marketing campaign concerns? We will have your product shining and earning more exposure than ever before. Because with Maxart, creativity meets your brand.

How Much Does A Photography Session Cost?

Maxart’s photography session can cost between 1500 AED to 3000 AED per day.

Is Photography Legal In Dubai?

Yes, photography is legal in Dubai.

Where Can I Do Photoshoot In Dubai?

You can do a photoshoot anywhere in Dubai. Except where you see no photography signs.

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