The Importance of Having a Relevant Social Media Presence for Your Business


The importance of social media is becoming a crucial aspect of life as time passes. It’s very common nowadays to find people spending more time on social media than enjoying a night out with friends. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms are basically a modern-day form of addiction.Using Social Media to boost your business is considered an effective and relatively inexpensive means of marketing. Allowing you to reach your target audience with high accuracy and ease is the modern way of communicating and building a reputation. Basically, the more followers you get, the more your business will potentially grow. However, getting that huge number of followers isn’t a walk in the park. That’s why in this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to make your online business grow with the help of social media.

8 Tips That Guarantee to Get You More Organic Followers on Your Social Media Platforms

1.Decide What Your Social Media Aims Are

It is known that you cannot start your journey without a destination. Identifying what you want your Social Media campaigns’ to achieve is essential. Whether it is Brand Awareness or Getting Leads for your Newsletters, having a definite goal will make your Social Media journey a lot smoother and full of positive ROI (Return of Investment). Your social media goals should basically be a modified version of your current business goals while making sure that they are aligned with your major marketing goals.

2. Define Your Audience

Defining your audience correctly will directly affect the strategy that you use in each of your social media channels. With so many channels out there, it can be difficult to keep up or even understand the nuances of all the channels your audience may be on. You will likely be able to reach a wider demographic on the top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and lately, TikTok - it all depends on the age, interests, and location of your target market. So, choose wisely. Although your potential customers may be present and active, this does not mean that they will notice you. In addition, consumer research and company sales data will give you greater insight into your target audience.

3. Use #Hashtags

Trending hashtags are great and all but remember to use it sparingly and appropriately. It’s not about how much you put in there, because it’s about the quality of hashtags you use, not the quantity. You can’t stick dozens of hashtags on one post just to reach various audiences, that just makes your content dull and boring. At the same time, one hashtag isn’t always ideal. You need to use the right amount and the best words that fit your content and brand.

4. Use Striking Images

Include images that “wow” everyone: to advance the blog content discussion, do not forget to give significant thought to the accompanying images. Think about it, when you are scrolling through your social news feed and see a super attractive picture of something that appeals to your interests, you are going to pause for a closer look.  Unique and eye-catching images are even more important for strong visual brands that are putting a big effort into channels like Instagram and Facebook.

5. Post Engaging Content

This might seem too obvious to mention, but it’s actually a crucial point when thinking about how to get followers on social media. Every post on your account needs to be of high quality and visually engaging.When people visit your page for the first time, the content should make them want to see more and develop a thirst for your material. It is great content that makes clicking on that follow button so pleasurable. Moreover, it also helps people to like, comment, and share your posts for the sake of involvement. That sort of engagement gives your social media algorithm a boost and helps reach more new followers.

6. Schedule Your Posts for Maximum Visibilityt

The best way to attract followers on social media is not just through random ordinary posting, but posting at optimal times that make you get more impressions and interactions. To figure out the best time to post for your own brand is by considering your audience: what does their regular day look like? When are they active on social media? Furthermore, posting multiple things at the same time will not get you any more awareness; you do not want to inundate people with several posts, even if you have a huge audience.Chill! You can save some effort since maxart knows exactly how to determine the right times for posting and measure those results accurately.

7. Display Your Social Icons on Your Website

It is quite common these days to notice that the header or footer of the page, and sometimes the left or right bar for each site, contains a set of icons associated with s company's social network accounts. Because, again, what better way to gain new followers and raise your social media presence than to reach those who are already interested in what you have to offer?It is a fast and easy way that builds an instant connection between you and your engaging parties. It is a place where they can get more involved in what you share and provide as a contributor. While you’re at it you should have your social icons featured in your email signature. Just think of how often you send emails. You can quickly and easily create a professionally designed email signature with social icons at Max Art.

8. Remember Your Calls to Action

Remind your audience, and followers, to follow you on your accounts, share your posts, or even get them involved with a social media campaign. These campaigns can be as simple as asking them to take pictures with your product, mention your page, and post it on their accounts.It’s very important to maintain this sort of engagement and experimenting with different ideas to provide better results. Not to brag but, who can do this better than your friendly Dubai-based pals at Max Art?

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