Viral Ads are More Popular than Your TV Shows


There’s been a time when watching your favorite movie on OSN was so entertaining that you just forget to take a bathroom break. Or, better yet, you can’t take a bathroom break because guess what? No commercial breaks are displayed on the channel during the movie. Hey, sure, it’s good to stay in that God Father movie zone without missing any small detail of the movie. However, sometimes you could use that commercial break and we don’t see a way someone else can let the dogs out for you.

“Pivot… Pivot… Pivot!” … “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

- Ross Geller & Chandler Bing, FRIENDS

There’s no doubt that the most modern way to advertise and promote your product and brand is through the internet. TV commercials and ads have shown a huge impact on the advertising field these days ;whether it’s that new commercial for the iPhone 12 or that new pizza place across the street. TV is a major part of people's lives and there’s no doubt watching TV is a routine thing for many. You might be watching Friends right now and not paying any attention to this blog.Although, what’s amazing is that some TV commercials are so good that we find ourselves repeating them on YouTube just for fun. They're even sometimes better than the shows we’re already watching. Guess creativity has really gone through the roof with advertising.

How is a Good TV Ad produced?

Well, it’s all about implementing the basics. You need to focus on the audience, duration of the video, the actors, the product theme, and so on. By implementing and going over the fundamentals, you will have yourself an original commercial for your brand in no time. However, the real question is, how do you make your ad memorable and recognizable?

It’s all about breaking the pattern.

We’re all used to the “Tired of waiting in line?” type of approaches. Or the ones that start with the voice actor yelling at you to catch your attention, that’s when we really need that bathroom break. Breaking the pattern is about trying new approaches that will catch the eye of the viewers instantly. When you break the habit and try new things, you’ll have the viewer attached and wanting more. You can try starting your video with an alligator skydiving into a tailor’s place and then turning into a Dolce & Gabbana handbag as it hits the ground. If that isn’t breaking the habit, we don’t know what is. Another technique can be used is hiring well known celebrities and influencers to play a part in your commercial or campaign. There’s no doubt that if you see your favorite football player, actor, or any other celebrity using that product, it will have your audience hooked. It’s weird how when seeing David Beckham eating a normal candy bar makes us want it even more, right? “It tastes horrible, but if Beckham likes it then it’s my favorite from now on!” Of course, it’s not new to use influencers in your video for better promotion, but merging them with the “breaking the pattern” technique can provide an authentic masterpiece


How Far Can TV Ads Go?

The answer to that is, “I don’t know”. As you can see TV commercials and online ad videos have really taken a huge leap from lame to fame. Who would have thought that two-minute-long video ads would have us hooked more than the last season of Game of Thrones? Short ads that reach 30 seconds maximum also have a huge impact --  especially the ones that are displayed during the Super Bowl. Moreover, animated commercials also seem to do the trick on some occasions. Using some videography, motion graphics, and a deep voice over in the content makes the piece simpler, straightforward, and compelling. Still, adding a perfect amount of humor to it makes it even more admirable and eye-catching. One commercial that I’ve noticed had really turned everything around, is McDonald’s burger ad. They had customers involved in the ad without even knowing their part. What they did was film a customer ordering, eating, and enjoying their burger. As they took a bite, they played music and stopped each time they stopped chewing. It felt more authentic than the ones with the “X Brand made me younger after drinking it twice a day” vibe. It gives you that feel of involvement as if you would have the same reaction if put in that same position. Of course, the whole point of the ad was to make it relatable.  So basically, ads and videos are improving day by day and have really upped their game. As far as creativity goes, I’m sure TV commercials are going out of the box and trying really innovative ideas. There’s no limit as to how good a video ad is or how authentic a tv commercial is. It’s just a matter of how you present it and how well you are at providing new, original, and relatable content.

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